Our Products

Product Ingredients

Whole wheat flour
All natural peanut butter
Whole grain rolled oats
Non fat
dry milk
Grain free
Garbanzo bean flour
Oat flour
Brown rice flour
Gluten Free
Unsweetened Blueberries

Pawtumn Leaves – Peanut Butter Treats

All the leaves are brown and falling on the ground, Melody's been for a walk on an Autumn day..... dreaming…


Paw & Oats – Peanut Butter & Oatmeal

"You make my dreams come true" is what Melody's BFF's are saying after eating these homemade peanut butter & oatmeal…


Twilight Bone – Grain Free Peanut Butter Treats

Your dogs will be "steppin' into the twilight zone...their beacons moved under moon and star" after eating a few of…


The Barking Blues – Blueberry Flavor

Melody sometimes wonders what she’s gonna do “cause there ain’t no cure for the barking blues”. Your dogs will find…